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About the Author Her friends call her “Lin.” She lives with two dogs and three cats in a restored historic home in rural Duplin County, North Carolina. Lin began writing the column, VISIONS for the Wallace (NC) Enterprise in 1989. She’s a retired secretary and spends time writing, trying her hand at clay sculpture, and painting. After years of oil painting, the illustrations in this book are her first attempt at watercolors after many years. Check out Even as a child, something about religion didn’t seem quite right. There were questions about beliefs that nobody answered. Seeking the “secret” she joined a church, figuring that only members could know the truth. Instead of deep spiritual conversations that would be moving and inspirational, she was given a catechism book and left alone to read it. There were no explanations. Disillusioned and disappointed, she realized that the church didn’t have the deeper meanings and more enlightened interpretations she sought. Since then, the search has continued through reading about religion, spirituality, and faith. She continues to learn and question. Writing this series on the seven sacred rainbow colors of the covenant has been yet another spiritual growth experience for her. It is Lin’s hope that you too have found something meaningful to aid in your own spiritual journey. ~

It's a memoir, a personal journey and the mesmerizing story spanning years, and culminating in an exciting cross-country trip in a 20-year-old motor home to restore a century's old family dwelling with National Registry status as a Historic Site. This labor of love, as the story unfolds, is often hilarious and sometimes gut wrenching. The life-long adventure to live in the old house on the hill above Beaver Dam Creek in southeastern North Carolina brought with it both contentment and blessing beyond the author's wildest dreams. Published in simple font, large enough to read comfortably, and pictures to point the way, this page turner starts with a child who loved a farm house and learns how life was in the early 1800s. The book introduces you to the family that dates back to the 1600s in Ireland and brings you to live, finally, in the restored house. Everything that has happened to the loving child and the old house is vividly alive in FOR THE LOVE OF A HOUSE, Restored with the Love of a Child.

The touching story of a young Southern girl's remembrance of her childhood journey through self-doubt; Revelations of betrayals by her mother; The challenges of dealing with her own imperfections, of failed relationships both as a child and as an adult; And the final understanding of HER TRUE SELF - All because of a PIANO

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